This Württemberger Infanterie um 1806 is one of the scarcer Napoleonic regulation swords. It's often overlooked in reference books on Napoleonic small arms. One reference volume listing this hanger is the SUDDEUTSCHE BLANKWAFFEN by Gerd Maier.

Prince of Wurttemberg Frederick II, initially an enemy of Napoleon, went to war with France on the side of Prussia and Austria, but later changed sides and, in exchange for territory, marched with LE GRAND ARMEE into Russia. Out of 16,0000 Wurttemberg soldiers in the Russian campaign of 1812, only a few hundred survived, and the rest perished in the Battles of Smolensk, Borodino, and while crossing the Berezina river, which makes this infantry enlisted man's short saber a rather uncommon find.

A very distinctive iron hilt is in fantastic shape, with all the steel wire wrap completely intact. 62 cm-long blade has darkened with age, and has a small area of pitting towards the blade tip, otherwise quite good. Even the red felt washer between the tang and the hilt survives. Overall a very nicely preserved Wurttemberg foot soldiers side-arm.