This is the best-conditioned Civil War period USMC officer's sword most of us will ever see. Modeled after the US Army officer's M1850 sword, this was a regulation US Marine Officer's weapon from 1859 to 1875. A massive blade indicates this was an earlier production sword. Sword is mounted with a 28" long, 1.5" wide blade, finely etched with the USMC designation, and various military and American motifs. Sword is maker-marked with the crowned king's head on the obverse recess, indicating that it was made by the Weyers berg factory in Solingen. Obverse recess is marked with the William Horstman & Sons, Philadelphia, the US purveyor of this sword. The scabbard drag, as well as the rear of the guard are marked No.250, the mounts of the scabbard are marked with the assembly mark 73. Remnants of gilding are present on the brass surfaces, blade retains the vast majority of it's plating, with minor plating wear on the tip. Scabbard is iron, covered with leather, which survives in exceptionally-fine shape. Blade edge was factory-sharpened for action.
US Marine officers swords of that time frame are supremely-rare, this only the second such sword I have owned in the last 10 years, and the best-conditioned I've seen. An excellent investment-grade US Marine Corps officer's sword for a discerning Civil War collector!