During WWII, PAL's entire production was military knives. Their USN Mark 1 was marked RH-35 and their USN Mark 2 was marked RH-37. The RH-36 is an interim design with a 6-1/2 inch blade with a packetized finish and a pinned aluminum butt cap. The handle is of the leather washer type and the knife's overall length is 11 inches.

This Pal RH-36 US combat knife is mounted with a 6-1/2" blade which is in period-used condition, and was sharpened at the time of use. Blade has acquired a nice patina. Original sheath is in excellent condition, and would merit from some light cleaning.

A nice World War II US combat knife of the type frequently found in period photos of the Marines and US Navy men in both theaters of the war.