This wonderful archive and inscribed sword of the Massachusetts Militia Brigadier General Hobart Moore [ca.1832-1894] were purchased from the estate.

Brigadier-General Hobart Moore served the United States for more than 35 years. Just prior to the war, in 1860, he is listed as Captain of the C Company of the Massachusetts Militia Second Battalion of Riflemen. During the War he was an officer responsible for drilling the Mass. militia recruits before they went on to the front lines, and according to one source also involved in the tactics and planning.

In 1863 Capt.Moore, in addition to his Militia duties, went on to establish military education in Massachusetts schools and universities. He became a professor of the military tactics in Harvard and MIT. In 1875 he is listed as lieutenant-colonel and assistant adjutant-general in the First Brigade of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia. The sword must be dating from the same time frame.

He was later promoted to the brigadier-general rank, and was a Commander of the First Brigade of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia.

This is just a slice of the gentleman's biography. His name appears in dozens of documents on-line, and would not be difficult to research deeper. Included is a small archive of copies of period publications mentioning Gen.Moore.

Sword is a US M1860 for Staff, Field, and Company Officers, a product of the well-respected French Coulaux & Companie, and is so marked and inspected. 32"-long blade is finely decorated. Damascus-like stippled background contains exquisitely-etched and hand-chased raised panels of floral and patriotic nature. Folding reverse guard bears the presentation inscription -

Presented to
Col.Hobart Moore, by
Capt. Kingsbury& Leets. Barnes & Park,
& Serge. Barnes.

The quality of the workmanship on the hilt, the blade, and the scabbard mounts is second to none. this is not a flashy piece, but instead a discreet, yet clear projection of rank, as well as appreciation, and would be just right for a colonel or a general to wear, without looking silly.

The presenting officers names are well-documented - Captain Daniel E. Kingsbury served in the Civil War in the 46th Massachusetts Militia Infantry Regiment. There are two Parks in the Massachusetts Civil War rolls - Lieutenant Wisner Park in the 40th Massachusetts Infantry, and Leu. Edward G. Park in the 35th Massachusetts Infantry; something that would need to be researched further.

General Moore's GAR hat is in excellent overall condition, made by the famous Stetson. Gold and silver GAR cockade is also in outstanding shape. Hat comes in its original box, which is probably rare.

At the bottom of the hat box I found an official souvenir program of the 24th National Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic in Boston, which took place in August of 1890. There is some water damage to the top right corner of the book, but nothing unsightly.

The magnificent, large 10.5"x13.5" photo of the Massachusetts GAR reunion is contained in its original oak frame, and is mounted in an acid-free matte, under a u/v glass.

This is a lovely collection of items, and would display beautifully.