This N.P.Ames-made USN M1842 percussion box-lock pistol is maker-marked on the lock plate. Trigger guard is marked with an inspector's cartouche, as is the barrel. An old veteran, it exhibits honest age and wear. The pistol is in the standard .54 caliber, with a 6" barrel, and has an uncommon brass front post sight. The back button on the captive ramrod is long gone, and it now slides out of its swivel. Pistol doesn't hold the cock, the lock is complete, with no missing or replaced parts. Internal lock parts are all original and complete. There is a discrete very well done period repair to the stock under the lock plate.

Model 1842 US NAVY pistol was the first percussion pistol to be produced and delivered to the US government.

"The Model 1842 Percussion Navy pistol served the country for a long time. They truly seen the world. They were carried by Navy ships and personnel to Japan, China, Korea, Central America and to every country visited by U.S. ships of the line. They were on Navy ships during the War with Mexico. They could be found during the Civil War on Navy and Army ships and boats maintaining the blockade of southern ports. They were on board the ships and boats cruising the Mississippi, Ohio and their tributaries. They very likely were carried ashore by sailors and marines in landing parties during that great conflict. Navy records as detailed in "CIVIL WAR SMALL ARMS OF THE U.S. NAVY AND MARINE CORPS" by John D. Macaulay indicate that both "Navy" and "Army" pistols as well as "Boarding Pistols" were in evidence, in some numbers, on Naval ships before, during and at the end of the Civil War. As in the case of the Aston and Johnson "Army" pistols some even probably found their way into the Confederate Navy." by Dave Radcliffe