This USMC officer's sword was modeled after the US Army field officer's M1850 sword, and bears a distinct blade, etched with floral and military motif and the familiar Corps abbreviation USMC. Sword was retailed by Horstman in Philadelphia, and fabricated by Weyersberg in Solingen. Blade is marked Iron Proof.
The guard is marked with numbers 555. Matching numbers are also on the scabbard drag.

Leather on the scabbard is original. The old glue between the scabbard and the top locket has gone dry, and number 36 is seen now, stamped on the leather. Same assembly number is also stamped on the top locket and the drag. Blade is shiny, almost mirror-bright, either plated or factory polished bright.

Blade is 26" long and 1-1/2" wide. Blade is in outstanding condition, with all of the finish remaining. Etched decorations are of wonderful quality, deep and well-defined. Hilt is also in fine shape. Scabbard leather bears a hole from a middle locket retaining screw, now gone. These swords were carried by the USMC officers and NCOs.
A rare piece of Civil War edged weaponry!