This is an interesting Civil War saber. Made by the Rhode Island maker Mansfield & Lamb in 1862, it has the appropriate inspection mark on the obverse ricasso, along with the year of acceptance. Maker's mark is on the reverse ricasso. Pommel is stamped with a number 35 on the obverse and 335 on the reverse side of the pommel, with the number 3 being an over-strike. Numbering of swords was a Confederate characteristic, which might indicate that this particular Union saber was captured,  stamped and reissued to a Confederate cavalry man. To add to the mystery, there are five incised notches placed on the bow, where it enters the pommel. Scabbard drag bears six similar notches. Scabbard is from a M1840 heavy cavalry saber. That is how the sword came into my possession from a small North Carolina auction, and it appears that both the sword and the scabbard have been together for a very long time. Scabbard body has several dents, with one especially resembling a strike from a piece of shrapnel or a bullet. Blade has been period field-sharpened and bears a wonderful grey patina, as does the scabbard. An unusual sword, by all means, and full of character.