This is a rare sword, perhaps the rarest of all the regulation Union swords a Civil War collector can hope to find. In December of 1861 US Ordnance Department purchased 410 M1860 cavalry sabers from the Christopher Roby Company. This one of these sabers.

Reverse recess is stamped with a one line maker's mark C.ROBY & CO.
Blade is 34 1/2" long, 1 1/16" wide, wide fuller is about 27 1/2" long, narrow fuller is about 20" long. Blade shows the characteristic Roby long ground radius at both sides of the recess. Blade is in outstanding condition, with no rust, pitting or other damage, retains all of its original factory polish, and has acquired a fine uniform patina.
Branches of the hilt show bending, back of the guard is turned down. Grip leather is worn on exposed areas, showing some wood. Original leather washer between the blade and the hilt is still intact.

Scabbard is unmarked, nicely patinated, the lower carry ring is bent. Sword fits quite snugly in the scabbard.

According to the research done by John H. Tillman in his landmark study CIVIL WAR CAVALRY & ARTILLERY SABERS, all of these sabers were procured to outfit the famous 1st Vermont Cavalry Regiment in December of 1861.

Only a handful of them are known to exist today, and this one would make even the most seasoned Civil War sword collector quite happy. Price is reflective of the rarity of this investment-quality piece. You may not have a chance to own another "1861 one line Roby address" sword for a long time!