Henry Sauer bier of Newark, NJ, is one of the less common, and perhaps the most distinct makers of the Civil War Union officer swords. This particular example has most of the Sauer bier traits - the unstopped large fuller, small fuller at the top of the blade extending almost into the recess, turned-down pommel cap, domed spanner nut for the blade tang, screw attaching the knuckle-bow to the pommel, cast-and-chased designs uniting the knuckle-bow and the pommel. Blade is about 31" in length, undecorated and showing signs of prior cleanings and dark patina, shark-skin grip is worn in spots, otherwise quite sound; the screw attaching the knuckle-bow to the pommel is an old replacement. The sword is very tight together, and a good portion of the gilding still remains. The decorations on the hilt are quite intact and quite beautiful. An honest battle-worn Sauer bier Staff and Field Officer's sword.