This Model 1850 US Foot Officer's sword by Horstman is original untouched condition. Both the hilt and the scabbard furniture have acquired a beautiful dark red patina. Shark-skin wrapped grip is almost 100%, as is the original twisted wrap wire. 34"-long blade is profusely etched with military and patriotic motifs, and marked W.H. HORSTMANN & SONS PHILADELPHIA on the obverse recess. The reverse recess is marked with a king's head, a symbol of the famed Solingen Weyersberg family of blade-smiths. The back of the blade is marked IRON PROOF, indicating a particularly high quality of steel used in blade's manufacture.

The quality of the etching on the blade is quite superb. There are no signs of rust, pitting, or sharpening. Scabbard leather is in top shape as well.