This Civil War period Henry Sauer bier of Newark, NJ M1850 field officer's sword is mounted with a 31" blade, with typical Sauer bier fullers, etched in unique Sauerbier style, much of the etching is long gone, with some remaining towards the forte. Hilt and brass details of the scabbard are nicely patinated and exhibit signs of field wear, dings on the scabbard drag and wear to the hilt. I strongly believe that this is one of 100 infantry officer's swords made by Sauer bier for a 1861 contract. Most of those swords were not maker-marked, but all show unique Sauer bier traits - blade fullers, blade etching, toothed scabbard mounts, unique Sauer bier style of securing the knuckle bow into the pommel with a screw, and the capstan nut securing the blade tang to the pommel.

A nice Union field officer's that was carried in the thick of it!