This Mexican War period Hall-North carbine is in well-satisfying overall condition, and shows no repairs or alterations to the mechanism and barrel. The barrel has been polished some time ago, wood has not been refinished, and has acquired a nice dark patina. There is a small crack in the stock, in the back of the breech, which is an often seen design flaw caused by the sharp back edge of the breech hitting the stock at recoil. This should be easily remedied by a professional, since the cracked piece is still firmly attached to the body of the stock, with no loss to the wood. Bottom of the sock near the butt-plate shows an old fill with some kind of resin. The right side of the stock bears an inspector's mark in the cheek-piece area, now faint. Lock mechanism functions 100%. Smooth-bore barrel shows areas of mild pitting.

Vestiges of the brown lacquer are remaining in protected areas. Breech retains its case-hardened surface.

These carbines were issued to the 1st and 2nd US Dragoons during the Mexican War, and stayed on to fight in the American Civil War, in the hands of both the Union and the Confederate cavalrymen.

Notably, the breech is easily removable, and could be carried as a concealed weapon of the last chance, which was illustrated in at least one Mexican War soldier's memoir.