This US Artillery or Military Engineer Officer's sword dates ca.1821-1840, which is substantiated by the initials W.H.H. etched on the obverse blade. W.H.H. stands for WILLIAM H. HORSTMANN COMPANY in Philadelphia. In 1843 the company changed it's name to WILLIAM H. HORSTMANN AND SONS. Blade is 30" long and spadroon-styled, which conforms to the US ARMY Regulation of 1821, calling for the artillery and infantry offficers swords to be straight-bladed. The hilt is very uncommon in shape and style of decorations, with an urn-shaped pommel, naval-style up-and-down counter-guard terminated in lion's heads, and a down-turned guard decorated in the most fantastic designs. Blade is triple-etched with military motifs and floral decorations, as well as the above-mentioned intials W.H.H. on the obverse. Etching is light, and there are some darker areas, but no rust or pitting. Scabbard is decorated with acanthus leaf, Federal Shield and Flag. An excellent and uncommon sword from the Seminole Wars period.