This rare Spanish naval regulation 1763 boarding cutlass is mounted with a 65 cm blade, which shows signs of age, wear, and salt water pitting throughout. Cup guard is engraved RA, which stands for the Real Armada, the Spanish Royal Navy. There is a small crescent-like mark on the underside of the quillon, probably the maker's cartouche. A quantity of these cutlasses were produced by the artisans under contract to the Royal Armory in Barcelona. The knuckle guards are mounted on top of the grip, as opposed to through it, a variation of the original, period mounting. Guard has loosened up over time. The belt hook on the inside of the guard is a rarely-seen feature on these cutlasses. All the metal surfaces have acquired a nice uniform patina.
This expressive, seldom-seen naval sword dates from the 1760s to the 1790s, the pinnacle of the Age of the Fighting Sail.

References: Ricardo Martí - “Cataluña Almería de loss Bourbons", Barcelona, 2004