This Spanish-made percussion blunderbuss is 78 cm in length, with a 40 cm-long browned steel barrel in 45 mm caliber. Barrel is richly-decorated in silver inlay, and contains the maker's name - "D' CERRADURAS POR PEDRO IBARZABAL EN ???? [probably town's name] 1830". The lock is of the typical Spanish miquelet construction, with a squirrel-shaped cock. Mechanism is fully functional, wooden stock has some light bruises and a small crack near the butt, steel butt-plate feels loose, with all the parts present in good order. This is the type of the blunderbuss used for traveler's personal defense against the highwaymen and other criminals, as well as the favored boarding weapon of the naval ship's crews. There's a hole drilled ion the left side of the stock, near the side-plate, which at one time may have had a belt hook. A neat little blunderbuss from the last years of fighting sail!