This lovely Espadin Isabelino is a very nice example of this uniquely-Spanish style of officer's dress side-arm. This Modelo 1907 espadin has a delicate, yet deadly and very well tempered 74 cm-long Toledo small-sword blade, which is flat at the forte, becoming hexagonal at the foible, all the way down to the point. Blade has spots of pitting and dark uniform patina, and is straight and true. The hilt is of regulation form, with brass or bronze cross guard and pommel, and the grip finely cast in white metal. The center of the cross-guard is decorated with the Spanish Royal emblem, the shining sun; both halves of the cross-guard are terminated by oak leaves, sprouting out of lions mouths, indicating that the sword belonged to an officer of the Administracion Militar. An all-together lovely and rather uncommon dress weapon of the Spanish officer, dating to the first decade of 20th century. For further reverence, consult the writings of Juan L. Calvo. An example, identical to this sword is pictured and described on his website.