This Spanish Colonial cavalry broadsword dates to the late 1700s-early 1800s, and is mounted with a giant 97 cm. long blade inscribed by the famous Solingen bladesmith Schimmel Busch. Inside the fullers the blade is inscribed NO ME SAQUES SIN RAZON / NO ME EMBRAINES SIN HONOR - "Draw me not without reason / Sheath me not without honor", an phrase sometimes seen on blades of the swords and rapiers from the Spanish Colonial period. Blade is also nicely engraved with military attributes. Hilt is a combination of the grip from the French marine artillery hanger and the locally-made iron guard.

The condition is outstanding, hilt is nice and tight, blade shows a wonderful even patina.

A unique, beautiful Spanish Colonial broadsword dating from the American Revolutionary War to the very early 1800s!