This Model No.2 Army revolver was provenance by the Smith & Wesson official historian Roy Jinks to have been shipped from the factory to J.W.Storrs in NY on March 19th, 1863.

It's a 6 inch barrel variation, with vestiges of original blueing remaining. Grips are original and numbered to the gun. The condition is untouched and un-altered, with signs of honest age. The cylinder stop on the top-strap is a bit tight for the cock to be armed, and might need some gentle attention. Bore shows patches of pitting along the shiny surface. Caliber is the standard 32 rim fire long.

The Old Model Army is, in my opinion, is one of the most elegant revolvers ever produced. These revolvers were favored by the Union officers for their endurance, accuracy and ease of replacing a cylinder. They were also carried by the gunmen of the early West.

This particular example dates to 1863, placing it square in the middle of the American Civil War.


Additional Information

32cm long