This beautiful Russian Berdan-2 was made by the famous Imperial Arms Factory in Tula. The condition is quite pleasing, with much of the blueing still present, and the rifling is almost entirely mirror-bright. Serial numbers are mixed, as is almost uniformely the case with most of the Berdans. Many markings will tell the real story of this rifle. Stock was professionally refinished a long while ago, and the wood has a deep beautiful patina. There are Russian markings peresent on the butt. Mechanically the rifle is in excellent condition, and the bolt slides effortlessly. There is no rust or pitting anywhere on the metal.

Berdans [or Berdanka, as it is lovingly referred to by the Russians] were in use from the Russian-Turkish War of 1877-78 all the way into the World War 1, when the shortage of small arms forced the Russian command to reissue many of the remaining Berdans to supplement the main Russian Mosin-Nagant three-line rifles.