This scarce Black Watch regimental sporran dates ca.1881-first quarter of 1900s. It measures 18" long from the top of the cantle to the bottom of the horse-hair. The condition of the sporran is outstanding. The buff leather belt is nice and supple, the pocket leather is soft, and the horse hair and plumes are holding nice and strong. The St.Andrew's Cross badge is in white metal, and has acquired a beautiful patina.
This type of regimental sporran was adopted in 1881, when the 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot amalgamated with the 73rd Regiment of Foot, and the new regiment was named "The Black Watch Regiment(Royal Highlanders)". This particular design of the sporran was later supplanted with the cantle clad in metal, not leather.
This is a rare survivor from the period spanning the Victorian colonial wars and World War I.