This Moore's front loading revolver is serial numbered 12898 on the underside of the barrel. Both grips and the frame are numbered DU98, matching the last two digits on the barrel. Top of the barrel and the cylinder are marked with the manufacturer's and patent information, which indicate that this is the first production modification. Barrel and cylinder show a mixture of original blue with a later reblue. Frame retains most of its original silver plating. Inside of the barrel shows moderate pitting, with bright lands and grooves. Mechanically the revolver is in perfect original condition. The shape is very streamlined for it's day and age, making this 32 caliber teat fire six-bullet revolver an ideal weapon to carry for personal protection in one's pocket or a purse. The serial number of this revolver places it in the middle of the production run, which carried on from 1864 to 1870.