This fine mid-18th c. Piedmontese officer's rapier or Spada a Frantopino is mounted with a 90 cm. blade, which is inscribed "NON TI FIDAR DI ME SE IL COR TI MANCA", which, translated from the Italian means 'Don't trust in me, if you don't have the heart'. Blade is of superb workmanship, and still retains its excellent temper. The blade is straight and true.

Massive, thick hilt is 17 cm. long, with two very large shells. There is a minor play to the grip, and a small dent in the pommel [from a musket ball?] , otherwise the hilt is in wonderful state of preservation.

I have taken a photo of this Spada a Frantopino next to an average-sized small-sword for comparison; it dwarfs its neighbor. The hilt is large enough to have easily accommodated a hand in a padded glove. A very good pre-Revolutionary Wars officer's sword!