This wonderful Italian War of Independence SCIABOLA PER UFFICIALI DI ARTIGLERIA carries a massive 81.5 cm blade, which is bi-fullered at the forte, in true Italian fashion. Blade is nicely engraved with talismanic symbols, the Cross of the House of Savoy, and a motto - DEU ROI ET PATRIE. Talsimanic symbols are not often seen on the post-Napoleonic blades, and this is a particularly well-executed example from the time of Garibaldi, and the Patriotic War of the Italians against the Austrian domination. The sword is very tight, iron-mounted hilt has a nice patina, and the ebony grip has no damages. There is small nick on the quillon, and a couple of nicks on the blade's edge. A great mid-1800s Italian Risorgimento sword!