This Sardinian foot trooper's hanger is mounted with a massive, 61 cm long, 4 cm wide, 8 mm wide [at the ricasso] blade, inscribed on the obverse side VIVE LE ROY DE SARDAIGNE, and on the reverse side with a House of Savoy Eagle. This piece dates to the most interesting, action-packed chapter in the martial history of Piedmont-Sardinia. Both the Sardinian Army, and the Navy, especially the galleys, fought with the French, as well as against them, all in the span of half a decade.
The sword as whole feels very solid, with obvious signs of wear and use. Brass hilt is tight, grip retains remnants of the leather, wire, and shows a good portion of its tarred wooden core and twine wrap. Old auction tag is included.

A cutlass like this would've been carried by a grenadier, a marine, or distributed to the boarders in a ship to ship boarding action.