This rare banner was among other Italian WWI period items were purchased from a family in Worcester, Massachusetts, and appears to have been rolled up and dormant for many decades.

The image is of superb workmanship and detail. Background fabric appears to be linen or coarse silk.

The hand-knit image is a faithful rendition of the House of Savoy Royal Crest. Motto of the House of Savoy FERT FERT FERT, repeated three times is an acronym that is understood as having three different meanings, each a phrase in Latin:

1. "Foedere Et Religione Tenemur," which means "We shall be kept by the Law and Religion."
2. "Fortitudo Eius Rhodum Tenuit," meaning "His [the Lord's] Strength Preserved Rhodes." This is a reference to supposed divine help during the defence of Rhodes island.
3. "Fides Est Regni Tutela," literally "Faith Is the Protector of our Kingdom."

Dimensions are 70 cm x 140 cm.

There are some tears on the periphery, and some ink stains, but otherwise this piece is in remarkable condition, and would looks superb after proper conservation and mounting.