Dating this chain mail armor is not easy for me; eighteenth, perhaps nineteenth century would be my guess. Size is roughly 100 cm wide x 50 cm long; rather heavy at about 7 lbs, at the same time very compact, it fits in the palm of my hand, and could easily fit in a saddle or shoulder bag, when not worn. The width of the armor suggests that another garment, perhaps a padded shirt, would be worn underneath it, for added protection.

Rings are about 6 mm in outer diameter, and each one is welded shut. Construction is 4 in 1. As is seen on the up-close photos, the wire is irregular in shape, not uniformly-round, and was hand-drawn.

Metal has a uniform gray patina, indicating that it was acid-washed. There are several small tears [battle wounds?] , which could be either professionally-mended, or left as is.