This is a rare find - Greek officer's World War One era sword. I have not seen another one, ever. The hilt is closely patterned after the British 1821 Pattern heavy cavalry sword, the length of the blade is 82 cm, which makes me believe that this was a cavalry officer's weapon. Basket hilt appears to be silver plated, with about 50% of the plating remaining. Grip is either horn or wood, with the wire wrap. Scabbard is also plated, with dark patina over much of the surface, but no rust or other damages. Blade is very interesting, with a pattern I have never seen before. Single wide fuller runs along the edge of the blade only on the obverse side. The reverse side of the blade is flat, with no fuller!!! Blade has been lightly arsenal sharpened at the business end. Ricasso is marked in Greek. Sword came to me with its original bullion sword knot, which is probably as rare as the sword itself. As I said, I have never seen a sword like this, don't know if I ever will see another.