This massive and heavy Prussian cavalry officer's fighting saber features a very thick pipe-back quill-point blade, 84 cm in length and 3 cm-wide at the ricasso. Blade is maker-marked by the famous Solingen cutler firm of Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Co. - WK&C, King's Head and Knight's Head on the obverse ricasso, obscured by a langet. Back of the blade is lightly marked with the retailer's name. Cross-guard is stamped GESCHUTZES MUSTER, denoting the copyright-protected design. Single brass carrying ring loop is also maker-marked. Blade has been period-sharpened, and ready for battle. Hilt is beautifully hand-chased, and surmounted by a jawless Lion's Head. The sword is very tight, and extremely well-balanced. This undoubtedly was a Prussian World War I cavalry officer's fighting sword, and not a parade piece.