This Brandenburg cavalry sword is identical to the Prussian Model 1889 cavalry saber, and is distinguished by its blade etching, identifying it as a Brandenburg sword ca.1895-1910. Blade is exceptionally-well decorated with the military motifs and the regimental information - KURMARK DRAGOON REGIMENT NO.14.

From Wikipedia - "Kurmark is a German term meaning "Electoral March", referring to territory of the former Electorate of Brandenburg. The Kurmark included the Altmark, the Mittelmark, the Uckermark, the Prignitz, and the lordships of Beeskow and Storkow. It did not include other nearby possessions of the House of Hohenzollern, such as the Neumark and Lower Lusatia (vicinity of Cottbus)."

Kurmark was also the name of one of the last German Panzer Divisions to vanish in World War 2.

Weyersberg & Kirschbaum Solingen-made blade is about 86 cm-long, and triple-etched. Aside from the minor dark spots the blade is in excellenbt condition. Scabbard is in very good shape as well, with only minor loss of plating, and with a nice patina, which matches the hilt.
A very nice World War 1 period German cavalry sword. The etching is so fine that one can see the moustache on the colonel's face!