This is a scarce sword indeed - a Bavarian IOD 1889, and on top of that, it's personalized with the officer's initials KP on the pommel! Bavarian IODs are very rare to find, as you know. In general, Bavarian officers sneered at using the Prussian swords, and to find one in the Prussian tradition, with with the Bavarian Lion on the guard is very uncommon. The sword is in excellent overall condition. Fancy-scrolled hilt is in great shape, with the folding guard being a bit loose, black enamel is cracked in several spots due to wood shrinage underneath, but there are no enamel losses. 80 cm-long blade is in superb shape, deeply etched with the Bavarian motto IN TRUE FEST. Blade was made by the famous Weyersberg Kirschbaum Companie in Solingen, and retailed by the reputable officer's supply dealer JOS. VIERHEILIGS NACHF. The drag of the scabbard is marked LIMBACHER [?] AUGSBURG, further cementing the Bavarian provenance.
A beautiful and rare sword for a serious collector of German Imperial edged weapons.