This fine French of French-influenced hunting sword dates the last third of 18th century. Furniture of the hilt and the scabbard is of high quality hallmarked silver. Blade is 48 cm long, unadorned, lightweight, yet very sturdy, and shows signs of prior cleanings. One wide and one narrow fuller are present on either side of the blade. Ebony hilt has an age split on the obverse side. Silver furniture has acquired a beautiful dark patina, and shows signs of prior cleanings. Stippled leather on the scabbard has dried up some, but is fully intact, save for some light scoffing. Hallmarks are clear, and probably quite possible to research further, which I will leave to the new owner.

Swords of this fashion are known to have been carried by the ranking naval officers in the Age of Fighting Sail, as is evidenced on many period portraits of both French and English origin, dating to the American Revolutionary War period.