This fine mid-eighteenth century French couteau de chasse sword is mounted with a 55 cm-long blade, engraved on both sides, at the forte. Among the decorations are a crown with an axe below it, perhaps a family crest of the sword's owner, perhaps a secret society symbol. The reverse side of the ricasso is inscribed DE LA FABRIQUE A SOLINGEN, with some writing below that, which I wasn't successful in deciphering. Back of the blade features a long arrow, a known talismanic symbol. Hilt is mounted with a re-curved solid silver cross-guard of significant thickness, silver wire is entwined around ebony grip, grip is surmounted with a solid silver pommel.
Judging from the shape and size of the blade, this was a riding sword, carried for personal protection, as opposed to a hunting weapon.
A beautiful, elegant piece.