This French "Pistolet d'arçon modèle 1822 T Bis" cavalry pistol with a rifled bore is in excellent original condition. Percussion conversion-numbered 1399 on both the breech and the stock, it also carries a plethora of French factory acceptance and proof marks, as well as the French martial marks. An added bonus is the conversion date on the left side of breech - 1854, placing it square in the Crimean War time-frame. Officer's style copper-tipped ramrod that has not been swapped for a later bulbous-head ram-rod is also a nice touch. Finished in the white, the barrel and the straps show some light pitting. Barrel rifling is in excellent condition. Wooden stock is in great shape as well, with no cracks or signs of refinishing. Just a nice clean Pistolet d'Arçon Modèle 1822 T Bis.