Not often can one pinpoint the precise manufacturing date of enlisted men's swords of the 18th century vintage, but this historic weapon bears the French Royal poincon MR - MANUFACTURE ROYALE, which can be dated precisely from July of 1791 to September of 1792. In French these weapons are titled SABRES D'INFANTERIE DES COMPAGNIES D'ELITE, Louis' most well-trained and most trusted soldiers. This was literally one of the very last weapons bearing the Royal Cypher of Louis XVI, the last King of France. Louis was arested in August of 1792 and lost his head in January of 1793. The blade bears remnants of Louis' cypher of the fashion which was placed on many arms during his reign, from infantry hanger blades to cannons. Condition is rough overall, nevertheless condition in this case is superceded by the overall scarcity of the piece, which dates back the very first days of the French Revolutionary wars.