This French officer's short saber dates ca.1790-1799. Grip is surmounted by the gilded brass hilt in a reverse D shape, with a lanyard ring at the top of the knuckle guard. 64 cm-long blade is nicely decorated with military attributes and floral motifs. Blade is of a typical French fashion, done in the Montmorency style, with one narrow fuller at the top of the blade, and a wide long fuller running almost to the point. Blade has spots of moderate pitting, but no active rust, and is straight and true. Scabbard leather is broken at the bottom, with about 5 cm. of leather missing, but the brass chape survives, which is good news.

A very similar hilt is pictured in Jean L'Hoste's book EPEES PORTEES EN FRANCE. This is a rather scarce early Napoleonic sword with a possible naval connection, due to the presence of the lanyard ring, gilded furniture and the compact blade size.