This European infantry trooper's short saber / hanger dates ca.1770-1790, and is of the type used in the American Revolutionary War. Many were imported from France, some possibly came through the Netherlands, perhaps other countries as well. The hilt is similar to the French Model 1767 infantry hanger, with some differences.
It's an old veteran that has seen a lot in its day. 61 cm-long blade has nicks on the cutting edge, the hilt is missing the quillon, and the knuckle-bow has a period field repair with musket ball lead. There is some light play between the blade and the hilt.
Hangers like this one were eighteenth century foot soldiers' "multi-tool". It was used to chop firewood, chop the cabbage, clear out the brush, hammer the tent stakes into the ground, you name it. Understandably, not many survived in good condition, and this example is no different. It has been used, abused, and still survived. A nice and honest War of Independence period piece.