This interesting English officer's hanger dates to the last decade of the 1700s-first decade of the 1800s, and is mounted with a 70 cm. long blade in Montmorency style. Blade is engraved on both sides with stars, half-moons and other astrological symbols. The hilt of this sword was period-altered, pillow pommel replaced with a simple brass plate, a ring soldered to it, and a chain attached to it in place of the knuckle-bow. Judging by the crudeness of the modification, it was ostensibly done on board ship by a ship's armorer. The heart decoration in the side-ring of the counter-guard is considered by some authors to have been favored by the officers of the Honourable East India Company. Sword is nice and tight. A very expressive Napoleonic period sword dating to the period spanning the Battle of the Nile to Trafalgar!