This fine English flintlock turn-off pocket pistol dates to the early 1800s, and is maker-marked DALTON. The underside of the breech is stamped with the Birmingham view mark. The gunsmith by the name Dalton appears to have worked in Spalding, Lincolnshire, according to at least two British gunsmith directories.
Pistol is 18.5 cm long overall. The turn-off barrel is 6 cm long, in 10 mm caliber. Mechanism functions beautifully, including the bolt safety, which engages the pan cover. The hidden trigger folds out nicely, when the pistol is lightly shaken, as intended. Pistol bears no signs of restoration or repairs. A fair amount of the original browning is present on the metal.

Stream-lined and easily concealed, this Georgian pocket pistol was the preferred self-defense firearm of the day. Pistols of the type were carried by gentlemen for personal protection, as well as officers in the British Army and the Royal Navy.