This English style small-sword dates ca.1780. Not a military weapon per se, these swords were carried as a symbol of rank by officers and gentlemen alike. This particular example shows good workmanship of both the hilt construction, as well as the blade decoration. The hilt is finely finished through-out, grip is wrapped with five strands of twisted copper wire, terminating in turk's heads. Pommel is olive-shaped, which may date it pre-1790. Hollow-ground blade of triangular form is about 84 cm-long, nicely engraved with floral and scrolled designs at the forte. Both the hilt and the blade exhibit an appealing patina, with no rust, repairs or pitting. Scabbard carrying chain is original to the sword, whereas the scabbard and the mounts are a replacement. Similar sword is pictured on the engraving of the British Admiral Richard Lord Howe.