This scarce DANEMARK HANDWERKERSABEL MODELL 1869 has had a long and interesting life.

It started off a Prussian M1810 bayonet during the height of Napoleonic Wars. Subsequently, during the First Schleswig War, 1848-1851, it was sold by Prussia to Schleswig-Holstein, and mounted on the Danish M1803 and M1807 buchse rifles, captured by the Schleswig troops.

After the war's end it stayed with the Danish Army in service of the "Holsteinisches Jäger-Battalion", and subsequently modified as M1869 Handwerkersabel, by removing the bayonet mount, and smoothing the grip edge. They were carried by the Danish Army, Navy and Marine troops all the way to the World War I period.
This particular example is marked twice, on the obverse with what looks like F.DORANDT , an obscure maker; the obverse is marked with what appears to be IN CöLN, which indicates that the blade of was of Cologne origin.

Blade is 56 cm long, ~3 cm wide at the ricasso, with a flat back, nice patina and signs of period cleanings. Scabbard is complete, with an interesting iron frog and loop, stitched along one edge. Scabbard leather has shrunk, and now the scabbard is tight, and about 1.5 cm from the guard the blade stops going further in.
A very interesting piece, with a service life-span of about 100 years.