What a rare find!!! This is a sword of the officer of a so-called "ChinesenKompagnie“ - a special military unit which served with the German Imperial OSTASIATISCHE EXPEDITIONKORPS in the heaviest fighting during the Boxer rebellion, ca.1900-1901. Sword is modeled after the Prussian Infanterie Offizier Degen Modele 1889, and produced by the Solingen cutler E&F HORSTER, with the Chinese Imperial Dragon on the guard, instead of the Prussian Eagle.
The history of this weapon is well-described and illustrated by Arne Schöfert in his excellent on-line article 'China-Waffen' – Eine Klarstellung'

Being a recent estate find, it lay untouched for perhaps 100 years, sword has a terrific untouched patina, and is completely intact, with the 87 cm-long palasch blade, which has some pinpoint losses of the plating, some minor edge nicks, and no other blemishes. Understandably scarce, this sword was probably a trophy, brought to the West by a departing Expedition Force officer of one of the European countries or a US Army officer, who took part in the brutal fighting with the Chinese boxers. The ChinesenKompagnie was active for only one year, before being disbanded and turned into a police force.

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87cm long