This magnificent and rare early British Georgian officer's gorget measures 14 cm x 12.5 cm. Made of silver-plated copper, it retains almost all of its silver plating, with miniscule spots of wear in a couple of areas. Beautifully crafted, with roped borders, embossed florals on both ears, and remarkably well-engraved Royal Coat of Arms of pre-1801 type, done in great detail, surmounted by the monarch's initials GR, and the Royal Motto DIEU ET MON DROIT in a scroll.

The silver color of the gorget indicates that the uniforms of the regiment the officer served with had white facings. The back of the gorget is scratch-engraved W? [second letter is unclear] , probably the initials of the officer.

This gorget comfortably dates ca. Seven Year War aka the French and Indian War to the period spanning the American Revolutionary War.

Gorget is accompanied by a 1976 original bill of sale from the famed London dealer Peter Dale. The previous owner paid £300 for it in 1976. I have smudged the name of the previous owner to protect his identity, but the original letter, which will be supplied with the gorget, will have the complete name.

For comparison purposes I photographed this gorget with a later, 1796 pattern one [from the same great collection of British military items] , so one can see how large this gorget is.

A superb piece for a discerning collector of 18th British militaria, the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War collector!

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