Named British naval officers' swords are not frequently encountered. This fine 1827 RN Officer's sword dates ca.1905, based on the maker's address. Maker-marked by Gieve & Sons, it belonged to Basil Ashmore Stinton, a captain's clerk and a paymaster officer in the Royal Navy during WWI, where he served on many of His Majesty's ships, including HMS Amethyst, HMS Astrea and HMS Galatea, from the Mediterranean to the Coast of South America, and possibly in the Battle of Jutland.
A man of humble beginnings, he started of as an Assistant Clerk in 1903, and retired as a Paymaster Captain in 1935.

The sword is the last of its breed, with a large hilt, massive and strong 31" Wilkinson-style blade, extremely well-etched. Stinton must have bough it when he was promoted to assistant paymaster in the very early years of last century.
Copy of the British National Archives Officer's Roll Sheet for B.A.Stinton will be included with the sword. It is a very interesting document, containing the list of the ships he served on, as well as his captains' impressions of his service. They are mostly very favorable, but it appears that Mr.Stinton was a very head-strong individual, and not a very pleasant officers' mess dinner table companion, just a man who knew his job quite well, and was an uncompromising, steadfast officer.
I've done an easy search of the on-line resources on the ships Mr.Stinton served on, and posted some of them here. I'm sure a lot more can be found about the man.