This ca.1770 British infantryman's hanger is maker-marked by Dawes, who established himself in Birmingham ca.1764. Board of Ordnance inspection mark of Crown over 1 is on the right side of the blade. Blade is 25" long and just over 3" wide at the ricasso, stamped on both sides with the running wolf mark.

Cup guard is marked (M)Leicester/12, denoting the weapon belonged to Militia of Leicester, Company No.12 [?] . A surplus King's Army weapon, after serving its due in the hands of a red coat soldier, it was relegated to spend the rest of its days in the peaceful settings of a provincial militia armory. Condition-wise, the only blemish is that the small branch has separated from the cup guard at the bottom junction. It is however, quite solid.

Scabbard leather is in outstanding condition. I especially like the patina on the wire at the frog tongue and the St.Andrew style crosses indented in the leather, a typical British stylistic element from the last quarter of 18th century.

Additional Information

25cm long, 3cm wide