This rare Croatian Pandur side-knife dates to the mid-1700s. While hunting swords bearing the engraved figures of the Austro-Hungarian Pandur soldiers are not uncommon, this is the first knife I have encountered. The hilt is in the Karabela style, cast and hand-chased brass, with recurved quillons. Grip plates are horn. Thick blade is 19 cm long, with a clipped point; both sides of the blade are engraved with the Pandur soldiers, motto VIVAT PANDUR, and the three traditional crosses.The knife is very solid, most of the blade decorations survive unharmed by prior cleanings.

Led by the Austrian Baron Franz von der Trenck, Pandurs wrecked havoc on the supply lines of the enemies of Maria Theresa in the War of the Austrian Succession, and are said to have captured Friedrich the Great himself, only to let him go after receiving a significant bribe.