This beautiful eagle pommel mounted artillery officer's saber dates ca.1830, and is of English manufacture. Ketland-style eagle pommel is large. 29" long blade is nicely blued and gilded, with much of the decoration still present. Scabbard did not fare well, but protected the blade decoration, and for that we should be thankful. Blade is signed WARRANTED at the obverse ricasso. Maker's name is possibly obscured by one of the langets. Knuckle bow is a bit loose now, as is almost invariably the case with the hilts of this type.

The buff belt is 30" long, and with belt plates is 34" long. The artillery belt plate is a much rarer than the sword! To have it still on the belt is doubly-rare! Lacquer still covers the back of the plate. Overall, this is a pleasing example of the Federal period American mounted artillery officer's swords, pre-dating the Mexican War.