This outstanding American eagle pommel artillery officer's presentation-grade sword dates ca.1820-1830. 31" blade has the most beautiful, well-preserved blue and gilt decorations. Frosted etched panels feature classical floral decorations and portrait of Indian chief.
 An interesting feature is the sterling silver-marked grip on the obverse side. In my opinion the silver grip was intended to receive a presentation inscription. Blade is inscribed with the retailer's name A.W.SPIES, who, according to Bazelon and McGuinn, was born in New York City, started off in Birmingham in the early 1800s, and by 1819 had established himself in New York, having married into the well-known Wolfe family of officer accoutrement merchants. Spies supplied officers swords steadily up to about 1835; then the company gradually turned towards firearms sales.
The eagle pommel is of the Widmann style, which evidences the fact that the eagle pommel swords of this type were not proprietary to the Philadelphia cutler and sword dealer Frederick Widmann, but were imported by other sword merchants as well.
Shell guard is cast and hand-chased in the good detail, featuring 17 stars and crossed cannon, a motif repeated in the blade decoration.